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Type of Information and source of collection:


We collect information about you when you visit our Website and/ or through your physical interaction with our staff. The type of information which we generally collect is your name, address, age, sex or medical report(s)/ history, physical, physiological and mental health condition or any other information as required to provide you desired services.

We will not disclose above information to any other person unless required for providing you the desired services or required under the Law or if the information is already in the public domain. You may choose to not provide any sensitive information to us if you feel and find it to be confidential/sensitive.

We never collect bank/credit card information on the Information Provider.

You are deemed to have provided your consent to share the information with concerned persons while providing you the desired services as above. You may withdraw your consent in writing at any time and we shall have the option not to provide the services for which information was provided.

Data security & electronic data encryption:
The information collected from you by us is secured and can be accessed by the authorized persons only.

We have implemented adequate security practices and standards with necessary controls commensurate with the information being provided.

Purpose and use of information:
We may use the information shared by you for the purpose of providing various services offered by the Hospital.

Disclosure/sharing of information:
We may share your information:

With concerned persons who need to use the same for authorized purpose/ providing desired services.
To protect and defend the right and property of Hospital.
Wherever required by law / Govt. Agencies.
With you, if you may desire so subsequently
The information shared by you shall not be displayed by us for any promotional activity

We shall address any discrepancies and grievances of the provider of the information with respect to the processing of information in a time-bound manner. For this purpose, we have designated Medical Superintendent as Grievance Officer of the Company.